Mining Consultants  play a major role in the feasibility, planning, design and construction, operation and improvement of both small and large mines.  NYAZK Consultants are experienced design engineers, mine designers, operating specialists and maintenance engineers who operate independently of operating mines.

Consultancy services include:

  • Feasibility studies & Other Assessments
  • Recourse & Reserve Estimation
  • Geology & Mineral Exploration
  • Mine design
  • Engineering & Instrumentation
  • Mine Closure & Remediation

Mining Exploration

Mineral exploration plays a key role in ensuring the long term viability of Egypt’s mining industry. It leads to the discovery and development of mineral deposits that may become future mines and attracting significant investments.

HAMAAN works on Minerals Exploration through 3 different domains:

1.Geological Methods

✓ Field prospecting

✓ Geological & Structural Mapping

✓ Research & Office work

2.Geophysical Methods

✓ Magnetic method

✓ Gravity Method

✓ Electrical Resistivity Methods

✓ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

3.Remote Sensing & GIS